Kits which allow you to create a unique collaborative gift for someone you care for, without spending hours crafting.

We came up with an idea for a hen party kit initially.  After experiencing two completely different hen parties, one was uncomfortable sat between a Granny and an aged Aunt at a meal whilst willies on headbands were shared around. The second was an afternoon tea, civilised and not a willy in sight. 


KIT ONE 'LOVE RECIPES' was an idea to bring together every age in the group.  They could be asked to take part when being invited, and perhaps bring the completed recipe card to the party. Or the organiser could arrange for them to be collected up before hand and have the gift ready to present to the hen.

We developed this idea a little, and realised that this could be a flexible gift, not solely for hen parties, but for home leavers or students going off to Uni (a taste of home) too. 

From that initial idea, we now have seven different kits to choose from, our latest theme being the 'promises' kit, which is ideal for cheering someone up.

The key thing about caresharelove, is that the bags and gifts are all lovely, but the most special part, is the tin full of love, advice, recipes or promises, written out by people who care.